Why, Hello  June 21, 2017

Welcome to LARKIN

by Larkin Clark

A few years ago, I met Garance Doré at an event and asked her if she had any advice for women who are thinking of launching their own brands or businesses. She thought for a moment and wrote something on a card, which I pinned to my fridge as a simple reminder. It said, “Think of what makes you different, and do that.” Around the same time, a friend offered another bit of advice that had served him well during his time as an entrepreneur: “Always be launching.” I was collecting inspo and plotting my moves.

DailyCandy, the website at which I was an editor, had just announced its closure and I was on the cusp of, well, anything. Spring and summer were wide open and I had notebooks full of ideas to tackle, this website among them. Those two nuggets of wisdom I received appeared to be well-timed gifts from the universe, so I sprung to action. I started emailing all the designers, photographers, and developers I knew: I was going to launch my new website!

If you’ve ever launched anything, you know that some projects go from zero to launch in a matter of weeks, while others take much, much longer than you ever thought they would. This project stopped and restarted its journey more times than I can count, in part due to my own indecision (How should it be structured? What should the branding look like? Do I really want to be in the pictures, or is that just my ego talking?). But, looking back, the main reason for the delay was quite simple: My soul had other plans.

While my brain was tinkering away on this website, my soul wanted to travel. It needed to reclaim its artistic voice. It longed to fall in love. Whether you believe in “soul talk” or not, there was an undeniable undercurrent guiding me, albeit at snail’s pace, in profound and mysterious ways – and those ways all pointed away from this website.

So, I put this baby in my pocket for a while to let life flow … took her out to tinker… and put her back again. But now, after a long journey checking off some of that soul stuff, she is finally out in the world. She’s not perfect – having just launched, there’s still a lot more content to add and some kinks to work out – but hey, little LARKIN is finally up and flailing her digital limbs around.

In addition to being a new space to share tips, inspiration, and recent work, this is an experiment in playing with different mediums, collaborating with friends, documenting my journey, and getting back to the roots of why I decided to be a creative in the first place. (You can find out more about the site and its mission on the About page.) Being the editor I am, I had originally hoped the brand voice and aesthetic would be fine-tuned by the time I launched, but then I remembered I’m not a brand. I’m a person. Better yet, I’m a woman with a voice. And in this world, that’s gold.

So, explore my new digital home, friends! Share and comment on what you love, sign up for newsletters, shoot me some honest feedback, and tell me what you’d like to see me shoot, style, film, and write about.

The sky’s the limit! I’m excited to share this new journey with you. I hope I look cool doing it, if nothing else.

– Larkin


Words, styling, and direction: Larkin Clark
Photography: Rob Brockett

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