Look to Try  September 05, 2017

Can’t Let Go of Summer? Try This Makeup Look Inspired by Sexy Sunsets and Rosé

by Larkin Clark

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If you’re back from the long Labor Day weekend and already mourning summer, here’s a friendly reminder: Fall doesn’t officially start until September 23. That means you have more than two weeks to continue your favorite summertime activities, like swilling rosé outdoors with your pals and unironically shouting “Rosé all daaay!” into the sunset.

Inspired by those pastimes, this early fall makeup look is designed to ease you out of the sun-fueled haze and into cooler days ahead. It’s pretty simple, so you can’t F it up: two shadows you can find at the drugstore, a flush of pink bronzer, and a coat of eye gloss to capture that “I just watched the sunset and the sunrise with my lover” feeling. It’s like “Despacito” for your face.


To make those eyes pop: Apply a light wash of the pink shade in the Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Trio from the lash line to just above your crease – you don’t want to cover the entire eyelid and brow bone, because that’ll make you look like a clown. Build up the color to your heart’s desire. Next, swipe a smidge of the gold shade in the palette into your crease, just under your brow arches, and along your bottom lash line to add some depth. Go ahead and swipe that Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl on now; you’ve earned it. A little goes a long way, so just add enough onto your lids between the crease and lash line to make them look dewy. Finish with a coat of mascara and a very thin eyeliner line close to the lashes.

To define your lips: Dab a bit of the Maybelline Color Blur around your pout and blend with the smudge side of the stick. Be careful – this stuff is really matte and pigmented. You want to look like you just ate a popsicle, not a tube of your grandma’s lipstick.

To maintain that sunny glow: Dot the 3-in-1 stick along your cheekbones and pat in with a beauty blender. Smile. If you still look kind of pale, add a little more.


The color palette of this makeup look works on most skin tones and pairs well with your fave deep jewel shades from the fall fashion spectrum, like plum, evergreen, and mustard. If you can keep the summer sleeve trend going strong, even better. To bring it full-circle, finish it off with a look of longing and your best blogger model pose.

Cheers to summer. Here’s looking at you, fall.


Words, styling, makeup, tutorial: Larkin Clark
Photography of Larkin: Ashley Batz
Landscape photography: Larkin Clark

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