What to Wear  August 06, 2017

The Lazy Weekend OOTD Inspo You Need Right Now

by Larkin Clark

Some days, you’ve got your outfit all planned out and you’re ready to rock. Other days, you stayed out too late and just want to stay in your jammy jams all day watching food shows, but have no actual food in the house, so you have to go find some so you don’t starve. The latter, for me, is called Sunday, and I’ve coined a new phrase to encapsulate my go-to lazy day look: athlingerie.

Perfect for weekend warriors and lazy people who just need to make a bodega run.

As you may have deduced, this style formula combines two of my bed-to-bodega go-tos, athleisurewear and lingerie, with some icing on top. Think of this as the anti-basic alternative to the simple leggings-and-hoodie or jeans-and-tee combo you’ve been sporting on weekends since 1994.

Since moving back to California, I’ve incorporated more activewear-inspired pieces into my wardrobe, like the structured sweats and snapback here, and have found myself getting creative with those pieces on the weekends by pairing them with trend pieces I’ve worn during the week (see: woven bag and velvet kimono). The result is a funky version of high-low – the sartorial child of my time spent Sunday-ing on both coasts.

Though some forethought does go into this outfit (that’s the New Yorker in me), the key is to make things appear super nonchalant (… and that’s the Cali girl). This can be easily accomplished by literally wearing the silky tank or slip you slept in, as I did here, tucking it into a pair of structured athleisure sweatpants, and throwing on a snapback to cover up your greasy roots (remember, you’re literally rolling out of bed and going outside with this look).

The hat and sweats are low-key, while the kimono adds a laid-back glam vibe that infers you did something important and luxurious the night before, like bathe by candlelight in your penthouse suite or Penny Lane around the back of a band’s tour bus. The beauty of this combination is, once you try it, you can just repeat it every week with minor tweaks to your bag, hat, and jewels. It takes all of two minutes to get dressed and no comfort will be sacrificed as you head out the door.

Clap back with a snapback. Hat by Upper Playground.

Kimchi Blue kimono, Victoria's Secret slip, and Ezekiel sweatpants.

Get you a bag that can shop and stroll, like this two-tone belly by Bembien.

To complete the ensemble, grab your fave summer straw bag, pile on some bangles, and slip into the block heels you wore last night. Because, hey, if you’re out, you might as well stumble to brunch.



Upper Playground Scripted Snapback in Black Chambray, $30


Fleur du Mal Velvet Kimono, $595

Athleta Techie Sweat Ankle Pant, $79

Victoria's Secret Satin & Lace Cami Short Set, $52


Bembien Two Toned Belly Bag, $65


Words, styling, and direction: Larkin Clark
Photography: Rob Brockett

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